The honesty path



A few weeks ago we ventured into the ‘burbs to dine at Fu Manchu in Preston. read more

3 AW radio


I love it when someone opens a decent eatery away from the main drag. It takes guts, and it’s generally so very appreciated by local punters. read more



Broad Sheet


Misschu's little brother opens an affordable and healthy Vietnamese restaurant in the northern suburbs where ingredients are prepped on the hour and everyone is welcome. read more





At this little locals' breakfast spot, the humble ham and cheese toastie - that mainstay of weekend breakfast tables across the city - has been elevated to eye-popping, read more



Melbourne Mum


The newly opened cafe/restaurant on the corner of Gilbert and Miller streets in Preston, breathes life into a strip that has suffered from ghost-townedness over the past few years. It’s slowly getting better, with some terrific little shops and cafes opening up and read more



Good Food


The gentrification of Preston is creeping along, and Fu Manchu is a welcome addition to the area's side streets. This modern Vietnamese restaurant is owned by Marten Chu,  read more